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Tybera Development Group, Inc. was founded in 2001 by Dallas Powell, Bruce Walters, and Kerry Ward. All three founders have extensive knowledge and experience from various e-commerce and XML projects they have designed, developed, and managed over the past 20 years.

Several of these projects brought to light the need for automation with the added requirements of security and authentication. Tybera recognized the value that these requirements, if met completely, would bring to the legal and court community in the form of electronic filing.
After approximately two years of design and development, eFlex (electronic filing exchange) was released. Sold as a software license, eFlex is unique among efiling solutions as the only product available for courts to purchase and own. When requested, eFlex may also be used as a service through a hosted or ASP environment.

eFlex continues to be the only efiling solution to provide courts, attorneys, and state agencies the option of two-way automation. This allows both efiling parties (sender and receiver), the ability to have their systems updated with case information automatically--removing most, if not all, manual intervention.