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The Tybera eFlex electronic filing solution includes:
  • Filer Interface (web-based solution to send documents and data)
  • Clerk/Court Review Interface (web-based solution to accept/reject/change data in submissions)
  • eNotification/eService (notifies case participants on new submission whether paper or electronic)
  • Processing API (rules for integrating CMS, DMS, scanning, fee collections, etc.)
  • Judicial Interface (a unique queue for assisting judges to process proposed orders, etc.)
  • CASEaDia a PDF Binder of all the cases a judge needs to review in any time period (optional)
  • A choice in efiling models; software license or a transaction model.
The eFlex system provides the ability to capture data and documents and then transmit the information, with status results and notificiations, between the filer and court. Using an advanced API, the system creates a two-way automation process that interacts with the court case and document management systems. The result of this highly integrated system is improved efficiency and response time on submissions and greatly reduced manual entry.

eFlex allows attorneys using standard tools such as MS Word or WordPerfect to create court filings and then, through the use of its web services, submit their filings to the court. eFlex is an efiling product built on recommendations published by COSCA and NCSC, using the LegalXML ECF v1.1 proposal.

All case types are accepted whether criminal, civil, or juvenile. The entire filing is secured for document integrity, long term evidence protection and authentication. Courts control the collection of filing fees because eFlex can integrate to multiple payment systems. Filing fees are processed and communicated to the CMS automatically and are then reported to the court accounting system and the clerk's daily journal.

Clerk review procedures can either be automated or configured for clerk intervention. Additional features such as auto-conversion to PDF and TIFF with the ability to apply court seals, digitized signatures, and date & time stamp can be included as well.

Process API
The eFlex is designed as a two way automation system that provides an increased integration system using the Processing API. eFlex can collect all the data needed to initiate a case including the ability to ask for ADR, payment options, and other court specific needs. The data collected on follow-up filings for amended complaints, cross complaints, default judgments, judgment information statements and so forth puts eFlex’s ability to save the court time in processing submissions above the other solutions.

Payment processing
eFlex is configured to interact with Gateways for credit card processing with direct transfers to the courts account where the court sets up a merchant account. Tybera has also utilized draw down accounts which allow the attorney to pre-deposit money that will be withdrawn on for the transactions.

eFiling Models
The Court has great control in how it wants to make eFlex available to users. The Court may purchase a software license and either offer its use for free, or the Court may charge a transaction fee to filers. The Court decides on the financial model since it owns the eFlex software license.

The Court may also request that Tybera set up and host the efiling system for its filers, reducing the burden to its IT resources. Pick a model; eFlex can support just about anything.