eFiling to the Utah Courts


NEW-Sept 2012: UT Courts are now accepting criminal efilings for all courts that are accepting civil efilings!

Now you have the chance to try our efiling service FREE before you buy. Test drive our court-approved efiling software for 30 days free of charge and see how easy it is to use.


Check out our new 'listen-only' accounts that are 1/3 the cost of a normal efiling account.

Listen-only accounts allow you to download case documents, query for a case history and receive their e-notifications—all for $99 per year.
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Beta Release Now Available!

NEW Case Summary Application

This new app synchronizes your PC with the court case—automatically!

You no longer need to worry about where to store case documents locally or wonder how they relate to the case—it's all syncronized with the court! This app will automatically download the case summary, which includes party info, docket entries, and the actual case documents—right to your PC. .
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Our company at a glance
The Utah Bar partnered with Tybera because we are a leading provider of efiling technology to attorneys and courts throughout the country.
eFlex is the electronic filing application that Tybera has developed for courts, attorneys, and government agencies. It consists of two modules; a filer interface for attorneys and pro se filers to use, and a court review interface for court personnel to use. The Utah Courts uses eFlex as its sole court review module and it uses eFlex and others vendors as its filer interface for attorneys. eFlex is used by courts across the country as shown below in our Client section.

CASEaDia is a feature of our court review interface designed for judges. With CASEaDia, judges can review their docket with their staff and decide which case documents are pertinent, what direction they should take with additional online or individual case research and then assemble these documents into one convenient PDF binder. These new binders may be saved to a judge’s laptop, or to a secure flash drive so that they can review them at home or while traveling. While on the bench a judge now has all relevant case documents available for review at the click of a mouse—independent of the court’s
network or Internet connection.

about us

Tybera is a leading provider of integrated electronic filing and workflow services for courts. Our eFlex product supports both legacy and current case management integration and workflow at a competitive price and allows the court to maintain control of their applications and documents. The combination of these features expands the normal scope of efiling to include sheriffs, judges, clerks, arbitrators, attorneys, and Pro Se litigants.