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Tybera Development Group Inc. located in Orem, UT seeks:

Software Engineer

DUTIES: Design and develop software for courts and attorneys using Object-Oriented Programming languages including Java, C++. Additional skills required include database schema design, with the ability to integrate using various methods including Web Services, Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), and databases roll-back processes. The database interaction includes Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and MySql using various tools such as MySql Workbench or Sqlyog. Develop presentation based interfaces using HTML, Javascript, AJAX CSS libraries and ZK interface, frameworks. Create and modify PDF document generation/display modules integrating open source libraries such as iText or Apache FOP, PDFBox, and develop data exchange modules, using XML/JSON, for communication between systems and applications. Understand and build code that can conform to various standards including, GJXDM, 2GEFS, NIEM, LegalXML, and OASIS Electronic Court Filing standards. This includes developing mapping data structures and XML from one standard to another. Resolve defects/bugs during Quality Assurance (QA) testing using debugging tool in Integrated Development Environment, analyze various issues related with concurrent multi-thread processing in high web traffic volume and evaluate the performance of build process and execution of runtime object.

REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Mathematics or related technical degree. Foreign equivalent degree accepted. Demonstrable ability of development with Java and front-end web development tools using HTML, Javascript, AJAX and CSS libraries, and PDF document creation/display libraries such as iText or Apache FOP, and data exchange programming using XML or JSON. Demonstrable ability of programming database with JDBC using Structured Query Language (SQL) on MySql or MSSql with tools including MySql Workbench or Sqlyog. Demonstrable ability of writing program complying technical specifications and using open source APIs with data set obtained from practical situations.

Application Instructions

All interested applicants should submit a resume to

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