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Filer Support: 801-802-0662 (Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Mountain Time).

Attention – eFiling Changes 

Please view the 9-minute instructional webinar on these changes.

There are two terms that are helpful to understand:

  • “Subscription Mode” means one has acquired a subscription for a specified period of time (monthly, quarterly, or yearly) that allows unlimited filings without paying the $5 transaction fee per filing.
  • “Transaction Mode” means one has chosen to pay the $5 transaction fee per filing.  Expired subscribers will automatically be in Transaction Mode.

Subscription Rates

Current subscription rates are $270/year, $71/quarter or $26/month. Users without an active subscription can file for $5.00 per filing. Quantity discounts for annual subscriptions at time of purchase are available. For more information, please contact Tybera at 801-226-2746, select option “3”.

Attorneys who do civil or criminal government work may be eligible to use the government filing portal. Contact the Court’s Help Desk at 801-578-3850. Account requests should be sent by email to Please include: Attorneys name (as it appears with the bar), bar number, government agency and division, mailing address, phone number, email address for attorney and up to two alternate email addresses to receive electronic notifications.

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