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We offer several options to acquire our technology, some of which include the potential for revenue sharing.

Software License

Our products may be purchased with a software license that gives the customer the option of having filers file for free, or for a subscription or transaction fee. Once a license is purchased, the customer is free to charge the filers for use of the system and retain this revenue.

Annual software maintenance and support is also available and ensures that the customer’s technology investment is always up-to-date.

Transaction Model

In the transaction model, the customer has little or no up-front cost to implement the system. Filers pay a small transaction fee for each filing or document submitted. The transaction fee is collected by Tybera and may be shared with the customer. Transaction fees may be charged at the EFSP, EFM, or both.

Subscription Model

In the subscription model, filers pay an annual subscription fee for use of the system and are able to file all they want. This model requires little or no up-front cost for the customer.

Hybrid Models

Tybera is also open to negotiating hybrid versions of these three models where one or more are combined to meet the budgetary constraints of the customer.

Revenue Sharing

The transaction model and subscription model, as well as hybrid versions of these two models, offer the opportunity of revenue sharing between Tybera and the customer. Fees for public document access are also an area of potential revenue sharing and negotiation.

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