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Support number for the NCAOC efiling: 919-890-2407

Participating counties:

  • Alamance
  • Chowan
  • Wake

Filing types accepted:

  • Civil Superior
  • Special Proceedings/Foreclosures


Q: What are the options for paying court filing fees?

  • Credit Cards Accepted: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club and JCB.
  • Credit Card Processing Fees: $1.00 + 2.25% of the filing fee
  • eCheck Processing Fee: $1.25

Q: What constitutes my electronic signature?

A: An electronically filed document requiring a signature shall be deemed to be signed by the eFiler pursuant to current NCAOC rules.

Q: At what point is the filing considered accepted by the court?

A: When it receives a time stamp by the clerk’s internal server. It is time stamped when the filing hits the court server. Only PDF documents are stamped.

Q: What is a ‘Filing ID’?

A: When there is an issue with a submission you can look in Filing Status and each entry has a Filing ID. The clerk can look up this ID and determine what is wrong with the submission.

Q: What if I need to have a document sealed?

A: The motion to seal may be electronic but the sealed documents must be in paper.

Q: Why are only PDF and TIFF documents accepted by the court?

A: The court would like PDF used because the PDF viewer (Adobe Acrobat) is readily available to the public and commonly used to view documents and PDF documents are not readily editable.

TIFF should only be used for exhibits that are scanned in.

Q: What documents are stamped electronically?

A: When more than one document type is submitted (i.e. Notice of Hearing and Petition in one document), only the first is time stamped, not the second. Please have separate files for each document type.

I am not sure how much detail you go into for the Associate Additional Party Document Form. In training will you mention the following?

Q: Associate Additional Party Document Form; after I have added new parties to a case, which parties are displayed in the case history; the old parties or just the newly added parties?

A: All of the parties on the case (old and newly added) are now displayed in the case history.

Q: If I file a Notice of Hearing and a Petition in one document, which is time stamped?

A: Only the first page receives the time stamp. Please have separate files for each document type.

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