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Document Management System

Affordable document storage and archiving designed specifically for courts and government agencies

How It Works

Store, Retrieve, Manage

Most DMS systems are designed to check-in and check-out documents and manage revision of documents. Courts need a document repository that can store, retrieve, and manage the official documents without worrying about how many users are logged in when efiling or public access is involved.

Protected and Maintained

Changes to the documents once they are date & time stamped is not appropriate. A court needs to be assured that the documents sent by a filer are protected and maintained, not changed. CEDAR manages the access and delivery of original and redacted versions of case documents.

Redacted vs Original

Although CEDAR has version control, the concept of version control for a court is how to store a redacted version versus an original version.

Administrative Interface

The storage and retrieval of documents in CEDAR is designed to come from the efiling or CMS system and not from a client interface which is the standard process for most DMS systems. CEDAR has an administrative interface to make changes to documents and manage where the documents are stored. This interface is designed to be administered by only a few individuals rather than many clients/users.

CEDAR Features

  • Manages where the documents are stored
  • Directs how the documents are managed in relationship to the case
  • Maintains CMS index information
  • Allows for revision control of documents
  • Allows for replacement, movement of documents
  • Allows for document searching
  • Indexes the documents for text searching
  • Digitally locks the documents for security
  • Integrates with the case management and efiling systems
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